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The FunPad Package comprises 600 table-top double sided coloured sheets full of games, jokes, puzzles & activities.  These tear-off sheets cost as little as .10c. The Package also comes with 120 crayons in tumblers and all in a convenient storage case.

Each FunPad Package has 3 themed Pads; Seaside, Space City and Woodland, designed to keep children aged from 4 upwards occupied and entertained.

Remember.”If they linger longer they will spend more”

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New FunPads

No need for expensive photocopying anymore....these convenient and cost effective professionally designed activity sheets (costing as little as .10c per sheet) are an ideal way to entertain your younger diners, guests or customers, promoting positive customer experience and repeat business! Remember..."If they linger longer they will spend more and come back again and again"
“FunPads have allowed us to upsell our kids offering and increase our turnover.”
Eamon Langton, Langtons, Kilkenny
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The FunPad Package

This great value FunPad Package is available online for only €99.….enough for 600 kids covers.  This will keep your younger diners entertained, their parents and other patrons calm and your floor staff happy.


  • 600 Double sided coloured activity sheets
  • 120 Colouring crayons
  • 12 Tumblers
  • Convenient storage case (320mm x 320mm x 120mm)
  • All for €99. online including Free delivery in Ireland and a discount voucher of €15 off your first online purchase.
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Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party or Christmas get-together, FunPacks are the perfect way to keep your younger guests entertained.
Our FunPacks are full of activities, jokes, puzzles and creative colouring. Each FunPack also comes with a set of four non-toxic wax crayons. FunPacks are A6 size and ideal for smaller hands. They are fully recyclable..

Branded FunPacks

  • Supermacs are one of Ireland’s favourite brands and they see the value that is added to a children’s meal when it includes a kids Fun Pack.


  • Ryanair needed an in-flight sales product to keep their younger passengers occupied during flight time and also to generate additional in-flight sales revenue.

    The Fun Pack was a perfect fit on board their aircraft due to its compact size and boredom killing nature. The 16 types of jokes, puzzles and activities are a godsend for parents who want to keep their children occupied during a flight. One of the distinctive things about the Ryanair Fun Pack is “Ryno” who is a character we developed to appear on the Fun Packs that would appeal to children.

  • Customer Service at Dublin Airport have used the Fun Pack range as an integral part of their operation within the airport.

    They likes our product so much so that they commissioned ‘The Dublin Airport Fun Pack’. This complimentary Fun Pack will keep their younger airport customers occupied and content during their pre-flight stay in the airport especially in the event of any flight delays.

    Having a compact product filled with activities and games for kids is the ideal solution to keeping children entertained in the airport and on flights.

  • This summer the opportunity arose to produce a mini fun pack for McDonald’s that was themed on the London Olympics 2012. The mini fun pack was filled with activities and games that reflected the whole ethos of fitness and the Olympic Games. The Mini Fun Pack format is a great way to promote a message where space is at a premium whilst also increasing cost efficiency for a promotion covering a large target audience.

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Keeping kids engaged since 2007

FunPads and FunPacks are designed & developed here in Ireland. We’re constantly developing our product range with seasonal activity Pads and specialist products for travel, hospitality and more!
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