What are FunPads & FunPacks?

FunPads and FunPacks are packed full of activities, games, jokes, puzzles, and colouring crayons designed to keep children aged from 4 upwards occupied and entertained. The unique 'tear-off sheet' FunPad or folded FunPack formats are quick, simple and extremely cost effective ways to keep little folk happy in any venue or premises.

Who can use FunPads and FunPacks?

Our products are perfect for any business where kids need to be occupied and entertained!

Hospitality Sector

Our customers in the hospitality sector especially restaurants and hotels have improved their bottom-line with our FunPads and FunPacks. We all know that bored kids don’t make for relaxed parents but relaxed parents will ‘linger longer’ and order that extra drink, coffee or dessert.

Travel Sector

Airlines, ferries and trains are the perfect place for FunPacks and FunPads. Compact, lightweight and fully recyclable, our card and paper based products contain no metal, sharp edges or toxic materials


Our FunPads and FunPacks are a perfect ‘Impulse buy’ for those “are we there yet” moments. Designed for destinations such as petrol and motorway service stations. They provide a fun, educational distraction for the kids while the parents get on with shopping and refuelling. They are ideal to keep kids busy and occupied in the back of the car.


Charities looking for a creative way to raise funds have used our products to run competitions, raffles etc. Talk to us today, we’re packed full of creative ideas!

Check out some of our case studies to see how the unique FunPack and FunPad format is working for an array of diverse clients”


Fun Packs have allowed us to upsell our kids offering and increase our turnover.

10 good reasons why you should give FunPads and FunPacks a go…

There are a whole host of reasons why leading businesses are choosing FunPads and FunPacks. Here’s a snap shot of just a few…

  1. They are Fun and Educational Products produced in Ireland which means they are Zero-rated for VAT
  2. They can be provided as a complimentary product to promote a family environment or sold with margins averaging well over 100%
  3. We have some of the quickest turnaround times in the business which means getting the Pads and Packs out to you in a quarter of the time it would take to order from China or overseas.
  4. Accompanying Point of sale Units can also be provided
  5. Families dining out are more likely to spend more time (and money) in your business if the kids are entertained and occupied
  6. Our products can be fully customised inside and out to display your brand logo and convey your own message in turn raising brand awareness (T&Cs/MOQs apply)
  7. FunPads are very cost effective. €99 (online) will keep over 600 kids busy while their parents enjoy your offering.
  8. We’re constantly developing new designs and fun activities for our products as well as seasonal specials (Christmas, Halloween etc.). Kids will never get bored of the same old thing.
  9. FunPads and FunPacks are produced with sustainably sourced paper and card, and are fully recyclable. The crayons are safety certified and fully non-toxic.
  10. We all know that some kids spend too much time glued to phones and tablets. Our products help develop practical cognitive and creative skills in a fun and healthy way.

Keeping one child entertained costs only 10 cents with FunPads. When our family customers stay a little longer for coffee and dessert, that’s some return!