The FunPad Package comprises 600 table-top double sided coloured sheets full of games, jokes, puzzles & activities.  These tear-off sheets cost as little as .10c.     The Package also comes with 120 crayons , 12 coloured tumblers and all in a convenient storage case.

Each FunPad Package has 3 themed Pads; SeasideSpace City and Woodland, designed to keep children aged from 4 upwards occupied and entertained.

Remember.”If they linger longer they will spend more”

The Santa Fun Pack


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    Whether you’re in Hospitality and have younger Guests and Diners that need to be entertained or are planning a Wedding, Birthday party or even a Christmas get-together… FunPacks are the perfect way to keep your younger guests entertained and at only .69c per cover it offers great value…

    Our FunPack range is packed with activities, jokes, puzzles and creative colouring.. Each FunPack includes four (non-toxic) wax crayons.  Our FunPacks are A6 fold-out double sided card which is FSC rated and are 100% recyclable.  The FunPack range can also be branded, (subject to a minimum order quantity). Why not contact our sales team directly at sales@funpacks.ie

    Each case comprises 360 FunPacks made up of three sorts (120 of each sort) and also includes 360 four piece (non-toxic) crayon sets (dim’s)


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    You can also personalise each Birthday Party FunPack as there is a space on the front of each Party FunPack for your younger guests name. The Birthday Party FunPack will make a wonderful memento of your birthday party.

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    Kids FunPads


    The Fun Pad package comprises 600 table-top double-sided tear-off sheets full of games, jokes, puzzles and creative colouring.

    The Fun Pads come with 120 (non-toxic) wax colouring crayons and 16 sharing tumblers pre loaded with the crayons in a compact convenient storage case (320mm x 300mm x 110mm).

    Each Fun Pad Package is made up of three sorts Seaside, Space city & Woodland.

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For your free sample pack email us at: info@kidsfunpads.com