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Top 10 Safety Tips for Halloween

The Official Night of Halloween and Trick or Treating is nearly upon us so we felt the need to compile our Top 10 list of safety Tips for Kids and Parents. It is such a fun night but in this day and age it is vital to make sure that kids are as safe as can be. So we hope you all have a great night and please feel free to add your own tips in as well….

  1. Only go trick or treating in familiar neighbourhoods.
  2. Make sure that there is a set time for everyone to be back home by.
  3. Children should trick or treat in groups with at least one adult present.
  4. Use a flashlight or add reflective strips to costumes and shoes so drivers can see the children at night.
  5. Always walk on the paths and avoid any busy junctions.
  6. Know the route that your children plan to use on the Night.
  7. Watch for cars and remove masks when crossing streets.
  8. Obey all traffic signals.
  9. Never enter stranger’s homes or vehicles.
  10. Inspect all food packages for tampering before eating. When in doubt, throw it out!