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The Toy Show is nearly here….

Next week is officially one of the most exciting Nights of the Year in Ireland……The Late Late Toy Show will hold the country spellbound as Ryan Tubridy anchors another 3 hour extravaganza of toys, kids celebs and Jedward no doubt!

For anyone who grew up in Ireland you can’t help but have that warm fuzzy feeling at the thought of The Late Late Toy Show. As a child any excuse to stay up past the normal bed time was a bonus, but on top of this to watch the most anticipated programme of the season was always magical.

I still really look forward to the show and must admit that Ryan Tubridy has reinstalled some of the magic that went missing when Pat Kenny was in charge. Gay Byrne was undoubtedly the daddy of the show but Ryan has brought back the cheesy Christmas jumpers and clearly gets as much of a kick out of the show as the kids. Going back to that Christmas Jumper it has actually been the source of many tweets this week as people guess which jumper Ryan will turn up in next week.

Many websites actually have blogs solely dedicated to Ryan Tubridy’s Christmas Jumper. If out shopping you will have seen the increase in Christmas jumpers on sale throughout Dunnes Stores and Pennies as a result of their new found popularity.

If you are a kid then this is TV Heaven as tons of lucky children get to road test the latest and best must have toys for Christmas. RTE have also factored the current state of the economy into account with most of the Toys costing under 70 euro. In a time where all we hear is doom and gloom it will be great to have an escape for a few hours. So come 9.30 pm next week the fire will be roaring, the sweets will be out, hot chocolate will be flowing and if we are feeling generous the kids may even get some treats too hehe.

Hope everyone enjoys the show next week and remember if you are still looking for your own stocking filler check out our Christmas Fun Packs. Would also be great to hear what the Toy Show mean’s to you and what are your best memories of staying up to watch it….