“I wish we had something to occupy the kids ”

Believe it or not, it was actually this simple question that eventually led Tom Byrnes to quit the rat race and create the children’s Fun Pack.

Way back in 2004 our director Tom, was working as a supplier to the hospitality industry when the smoking ban came into action. He noticed how more and more pubs and restaurants were now embracing the family environment.

Hotel Managers were asking if there was anything to keep kids entertained and quiet. The only options were cheap colouring pages, broken crayons or perhaps activity bags from China which were bulky and costly.

Being a parent himself Tom  knew there was surely a solution to this problem so he started to sketch out something that wasn’t a bag but came as a complete product with everything included within itself. After many designs eventually the Fun Pack was born and Tom believed in the product so much that he left his job in management to design and produce the Fun Pack here in Ireland. Hotels, restaurants and pubs were quick to pick up on this unique and cost effective activity pack for kids that really did keep the children occupied and busy while mum and dad could relax and enjoy themselves.

As Tom puts it the last 6 years have been nothing but “blood, sweat and tears” as the brand grew through great customer feedback with Tom driving the length and breadth of the country constantly spreading the word. With the constant support of his wife Mary Lou, slowly Fun Packs has grown into a thriving business thanks to the uniqueness of the product and the quality of the activities, puzzles and games in each pack.

It is an Irish product produced in Ireland with each pack constantly updated and tested on children’s focus groups to ensure that it indeed lives up to the billing of entertaining them. The Fun Pack not only works by keeping kids quiet it also adds to the whole family experience and feedback suggests that this leads to repeat business. That is why we have worked with many different clients in the hospitality, travel and even charity sector as the Fun Pack has a proven winning formula.

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