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More great places around Ireland to bring the kids this…

Following on from yesterdays 5 Top picks, here are another 5 attractions to visit this Easter. Remember if your going anywhere else that you would recommend please let us know….


1. Dingle Ocean World

We visited Dingle last summer and I must say that Ocean World really exceeded our expectations. Very reasonable to get into and was a fantastic experience with myself enjoying the experience probably more than the kid’s hehe. You get to see Sharks, Turtles and stingrays up close before the highlight of the tour, The Penguins. These guys were hilarious to watch and were worth the money alone. Highly recommended if you are ever down in this beautiful part of Ireland


2. Killary Adventure Centre

Never been to this place in Galway but have been told it is a brilliant action packed day out. It is aimed at kids above 8 years of age and adults. The place has many addrenaline fuelled sports that will certainly get the heart racing.


Neil Danton Photography, Wednesday 17 Aug 2011.<br /> Conan not the barbarian at Fota Wildlife Park.<br /> The baby giraffe, born on August 5th to mother Roisin and father Tadgh is another addition to the Rothschild giraffe herd at the park.<br /> The baby has been introduced to the rest of the herd earlier than normal as he was very strong, hence his given name.<br /> (SUB NOTE: Conan is with an Irish fada over the O. Some imaging systems can't handle accented letters)<br /> Image credit: Neil Danton.<br /> www.neildanton.eu<br /> Licence # 110817fota for the following Usage only: Client (Fota Wildlife Park) website &amp; social media only. No 3rd party use. Copyright © Neil Danton 2011. All rights reserved.

3. Fota Wildlife Park

If you have ever been to this place then you will know why it is on our list instead of Dublin Zoo which equally is a great attraction. This place is just magical and is filled with some great wildlife that really educates as well as entertains the kids.


4. Gowran Reptile Village

This place is alittle off the beaten track in a place called Gowran in Kilkenny. However it is a little gem of a day out and is perfect for kids who want to get up close and personal with some quite scary looking creatures. Not for the faint hearted it is well worth the money and the staff are brilliant with kids. The crocodiles and snakes are a joy to behold  here…


5. JFK Arboretum

Again some people may say a place like this is boring however it is one of the most beautifully kept park lands in Ireland and is great value for money. You can spend the day in here and if the weather is good then it is an amazing setting for  a picnic. Trail walks, Kids playground, feeding ducks and taking a pony ride are some of the things to do here