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Forgotten games for the family

With the weather less than ideal to get out and burn off that excess energy in the evenings we’ve come with a list of ways to pass a rainy afternoon at home! Take a step back with these forgotten games from our own childhoods and share them with your kids !

Simon says

An easy game for the whole family! Simon says can be made easier or harder depending on the age group of the kids! Take it in turns to be ‘Simon’  giving out instructions starting with “Simon say…”An example might be  ‘Simon says everybody jump on one foot!” If the instruction starts with “Simon says” the instruction is to be followed, if not it’s to be ignored! If someone follows an instruction that wasn’t said with “Simon says” then they’re out! And the game is continue until a winner is left! It’s as simple as that!

Remember the sillier the instruction, the more fun!

Alphabet game

In this game the group picks a category and has to go in a circle with each person taking a turn  listing things in that group, in the order of the alphabet. An example could be the category ‘fruit’ – the group would alphabetically list fruits. One person might start with apple, the next might choose banana, the third might say coconut and so on, until someone can’t think of a fruit for the next letter. This person is then out, and  new category starts and the game begins again, until only one person is left!


This game is a great for older kids! For this game the group takes it in turns to list celebrities, or famous characters, going in a circle! The trick is each celebrity name has to start with the last letter of the previous celebrity. For example, the first person might choose Ariana Grande, so the next person would need to choose a celebrity beginning with E, like Ellen Degeneres, which might be followed by Selena Gomez and so o. Again this continues until someone can’t think of someone and they’re out, and on until only one person is left!

This game can also be played using a category other than a celebrity for a change!

Create a story

For this game everybody in the family writes down a secret word. The family then puts these words together and tries to make a story using all the words!

Guess the category

For this game the player lists 3 items and you have to guess what the category is. For example if the player said Apple, Strawberry  and tomato the category might be fruit or red !  The number of items might need to be increased for younger kids!

These classic family games will be fun for the whole family and keep everyone entertained while the weather keeps us all indoors! Don’t forget we offer a range of funpacks to keep them entertained and you can have them delivered right to your door! Visit our products page here for more ways to keep the kids entertained over the winter!

Let us know through social media or our contact form if you have any suggestions of forgotten games we should add to our list!